Paradise Road Character Summaries

Paradise Road Character Summaries ( 天堂之路 角色汇总)

Kitty Paws'

Captain Tanaka:

 Captain Tanaka is a sadistic officer of the Japanese Secret Police. He believes that his brutal treatment of the POW Women is in retaliation to what he see as the racist and imperial domination of Asia by western Countries.  is a cruel officer of the Japanese secret police. He believes that because of the war the time for niceties is over. He proves this by saying  “If war has come it means the time for rules has ended.”

Colonel Hirota

Colonel Hirota is in charge of the POW Camp. Although unsettled by the brutality towards to the women from the Snake and Captain Tanaka, he feels powerless to stop it. He is a bystander in this conflict. Therefore he feels that he can’t do anything to stop or control how the women are treated. At the end of the film when the women are liberated he says…

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